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Differentiating factors

There are many HR consulting firms in the market,what ProHR differentiates it from most of them includes the following:

Professional, Proactive(Speed) & Progressive
ProHR International provides professional & speedy services to its clients, which we view as strategic partners. Our partners¡¯ needs are our priorities. We are totally open and transparent to our partners regarding our search process, the market information we gather and our assessment of the market information. Professionalism is our pledge to our partners, what we offer to our partners is our professional approach, knowledge of the local market. In this ever-changing environment, we know the speed is key to our partners¡¯ success, therefore we endeavor at providing the most speedy, restassured the best service in the market.

In depth knowledge of Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing & FMCG industries
ProHR International¡¯s extensive knowledge in Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing & FMCG industries is gained by our consultants¡¯ long time service and experience in these industries. Our consultants have successful placement record of many senior executive and middle management positions in major Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing and FMCG companies in China. That gives us a leading advantage in selecting and motivating the right candidates, and more importantly conducting the reference check for our clients

Well versed HR expertise in both western and Chinese context
ProHR International not only provides our clients the right candidates, but also is the extended arm of our clients. We aim at providing our client the position related HR market information.

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