ProHR International

We ProHR International are the sole representative of the Global training & Consulting Firm, BlessingWhite ( in China. We offer a wide range of training and development program to improve and enhance your organization corporate culture and business performance by focusing on employee engagement, coaching, management communication and leadership development. Our aim is to help your organization to create high-performance culture, enhance organization’s mission/value, develop leaders at all levels and align employee’s self-interest, energy and talents with your organization’s strategy.

Helping Others Succeed: With this flexible process that incorporate exclusive feedback, analysis, planning and dialogue tools, the leaders at all levels are able to actively engage employees to improve their performance and enhance their satisfaction on their career paths.

Fast Start: This program can help new employees or those who just took up new roles to start and work effectively with their managers. This is an employee-driven process of feedback, analysis, planning and dialogue designed to help employees to be quickly adapted in a new job/role and accelerate their productivity to ensure long-term success.

Leading Technical Professionals: To work with those highly skilled employees is some new challenges to the leaders who are normally get promotion to management positions because of their exceptional technical expertise, not people skills. This program will help these managers to strengthen their supervisory skills and strategies for making the most of the knowledge, expertise, independence and confidence of today’s specialized knowledge workers.

Managing Personal Growth: It is more important than ever those individuals at all levels engage and focus on what matters most. This program is a process that incorporates exclusive feedback, analysis, planning and dialogue tools to know more about themselves and then being able to enthusiastically delivering on personal and organizational goals.

All BlessingWhite programs are designed and developed based on comprehensive researches. To ensure practicality and effectiveness, and make sure the workshops are interactive, the participants and their associates will need to complete on-line assessment and feedback prior to the workshop. They will then be able to discuss the specific topics such as leadership, coaching in the workshops based on those assessment reports. Meanwhile, post workshop sites of different programs will also facilitate participants to develop concrete action plans. Furthermore, the participants will be able to use on-line resources in their life-time upon authorization of their respective employers.



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